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    2. Welcome to Jining city blue sea washing products Co., Ltd. official website!

      <p>Jining Bihai washing products Co.,LTD. </p> 服務熱線

      About us

      welcome to us!

         Jining Bihai washing products Co.,LTD. is located in Zhanghuang Industrial Park,Yutai county,Jining city.Near weishan lake,where is beautiful and picturesque.The transportation is also convenient.The east of company is the Beijing-Hangzhou grand canal,the Beijing-Shanghai railway,the west is Jining-Xuzhou high-speed,105 state road.The company covers an area of more than 50 acres,has a production workshop 8000 m2,warehouse 8000 m2,office area 1500 m2,the factory equipped with restaurant,apartments,and cooperatingwith colleges and universities r&d center,quality inspection center.We are one of the largest washing products manufacturer in northof China.

         The production line adopts advanced automatic batching system,automatic filling system,noble and pure degree granulationprocess,high degree of automation,stable character and reliable inquality.We have 5 independent intellectual property rights oftrademark and 3 patents,won AAA enterprise,famous brand and other honorary titles.The main products we produce are detergentpowder,detergent liquid,hand -sanitizer,detergent,cleaner five categories such as more than 30 varieties.The main products "Chenxin series""Bihai series""Tejia series""Xiyilang series"are  very popular ,love by broad customers.

         While improving the capability and strength of the technical , the company is always following the overall operation philosophy of "science and technology are excellent, market-oriented, management focused, efficiency-centered, quality is fundamental, integrity is the soul"We are committed tofocus on the  international market , improve economic efficiency .and aiming to create brand-name products as a breakthrough point, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises with knowledge innovation and service innovation  and unite the people by enterprise culture, to achieve the target market  and improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Rely on the excellent  quality  and talented marketing team to expand the international market and covering Africa, South America,Middle east countries ,Europe and other countries and regions.We will set long -term goals with domestic and foreign merchants to make great leap-forward development. Bihai employees will surely create more brilliant achievements to devote ourselves to community with high quality  and sincere service!



      Jining Bihai washing products Co.,LTD.


      Contacts:Mr. Jin

      Cell-phone number:13225476005



      Address: Jining City Yutai Zhanghuang Industrial Park

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